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BRVC -DZ Low voltage reactive power auto-compensation controller

        It is the full digital designed controller with advanced AC sampling(stronger anti-interference ability), humanization design, Compact and reasonable structure. Showing real time grid power factor, voltage, current, temperature, average value of total harmonic distortion and capacitance switching status and other information, with Priority combined cycle and encoding switching, it compensates the reactive power best to improve power factor.

Quoted standards
JB7115-93                   Low-voltage reactive power local compensation device
GB/T15576-2008    General technical condition of low-voltage reactive power compensation device
DL/T597-1996         Technical condition of low-voltage reactive power compensation controller orders
JB/T9663-2013       Low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation controller
Execution standards
Altitude:                                ≤2500m
Working temperature:       -25℃~+55℃
Storage temperature:       -25℃~+90℃
No Corrosive gas, no conductive dust, no inflammable and explosive media exist, no severe vibration, no snow and rain erosion at stall place
Measuring data
Measuring voltage:        100V~290V(phase voltage)
Measuring current:         0~5A
Current ratio:                   1:1200
Sensitivity:                        50mA( 2times)
Measuring power factor:lagS 0.200~lead 0.200
Working voltage:             220V/380V
Measuring frequency:    47~53Hz
Display active power:     0~6553kw
Display reactive power: 0~6553kvar
Display voltage total harmonic distortion: 0.0~100.0%
Display current total harmonic distortion: 0.0~100.0%
Input/output signal
Sampling voltage :         L1、L2、L3  phase voltage
Sampling current:        (Bus L1,L2,L3 phase current transformer 2times 0~5A)
Control output:                DC12V±1V 30mA/支路(动态)Branch(Dynamic)
Sampling voltage and sampling current should be same phase
Display functions
Display refresh period≤1s。
Measuring precision
Voltage:     ±0.5%         Active power:           ±1.0%
Current:     ±0.5%         Reactive power:      ±1.0%
Power factor:                  ±1.0%
The above data is based on the controller being opened after 10 minutes, as well as the calibration of 1 years
Settings data
Current ratio:                 01~1200
Response time:           20ms
Switching interval delay:0.1s~120s
Target COSΦ :               lagSmore than 0.90~lead less than 1.00   Step length 0.01
Voltage settings:          240V~290V(phase voltage), or stop
Separate compensation capacitor groups setting:Loop Range:0~4(groups of each phase)                    
Three-phase compensation capacitor groups setting :
12Loop Range:0~12(groups of A,B,C three-phase)
Capacitor groups distribution: separate phase×3+three-phase groups≤loops(12,)
Capacitor preset:0~999kvar/组
Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF):>25000小时

       The controller applies to many high precision switching conditions,  such as high building, machinery, urban rail transit and other fast switching conditions.