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MBTU-615B Intelligent distribution transformer terminals (615 standard)

         MBTU-615B intelligent transformer terminal was designed bases on the standard of Q/GDW615-2011 “Rural power grid
        intelligent distribution terminal specifications and technical conditions” of State Grid. The terminal adopts U-shaped case
        structure and it is made up of main processing board, voltage current interface, load current acquisition board, remote
        control and alarm interface boa


GB/T 12325
GB/T 12326
GB/T 13729
GB/T 15153
GB/T 15543
GB/T 17626
GB/T 18481
GB/T 24337
DL/T 499
DL/T 630
DL/T 736
DL/T 721
Q/GDW 126
Q/GDW 127
Q/GDW 374.1
Q/GDW 374.2
Q/GDW 377
Q/GDW 376.1
Q/GDW 435
Q/GDW 462
Shell protection level (IP code)
Power quality supply voltage deviation
Power quality voltage fluctuation and flicker
Tele-control terminal device
Tele-control device and system
Power quality three-phase imbalance
Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology
Power quality transient overvoltage
Power quality common power grid harmonic
Rural low voltage electric power technical specification
AC sampling tele-control terminal technical condition
Residual current action protector rural installation operation regulation
Distribution network automation system remote terminal
Rural power grid automation and communication system technology guide
Rural power grid voltage quality and reactive power management measures
Power user information collection system technical specifications:
Power user information collection system technical specifications:
Power user information collection system safety protection and technical specifications
Power user information collection system communication protocol:
Rural power grid reactive power optimization compensation technology guide
Rural power grid construction and reconstruction technology guide

       It’s mainly applied to 660V and 380V voltage system, we developed the fast synchronous switch specially for mine and used for various mining system.